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QuakeCon Day 1 Thoughts Posted by Skitch on 08/14/2009
Well as I am sure most of you if not all know that QuakeCon 2009 Started today at the Gaylord Texan Resort here in Dallas, Texas. I started my day at about 6am while the rest of the team decided to sleep like a bunch of lazy bums :) They finally decided to get up at around 8:30am if my memory serves me correct and eat breakfast. We then got our things together (and waited for Gillz to style his hair) before we ended up leaving for QuakeCon registration.

When we got to the the Gaylord the line really wasn't as bad as I though it was going to be considering the amount of people registered via the QuakeCon website. When I finally got registered (about a 20min wait) i had to head back to the hotel as I had prior plans made with Tim Benoit (owner of HurricaneHost) for lunch.

After returning to the Gaylord it seemed like people finally decided to show up for QuakeCon probably thinking that everyone would show up early to register but they were so wrong the registration line was huge. I then walked around the event for a little bit checking out all the vendor booths and the byoc area. I must say I pretty impressed by the amount of time and effort the QuakeCon staff put into this event.

Skipping ahead to later in the day the tournament matches were delayed for about an hour our two due to technical issues the broadcasting booth was having. So while they were trying to get everything me and the guys were pretty much just bullshitting with each other and what not. All in all day one was pretty damn exciting. Stay tuned for more updates as day two is just right around the corner.
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