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Train Ride to Kansas Posted by Skitch on 08/11/2010
Before I get into this blog I would like to start off by  saying sorry if things seem kind of random as I have almost been up for 24 hours. Well with QuakeCon 2010 officially starting August 12th (Wednesday) I decided to take a 12 hour and 45 minute train ride from Chicago, IL to Hutchinson, KS to meet up with Ares. Now I know what you're probably thinking a 13 hour train ride, no thanks but I did it so me and Nick could road trip to Dallas, TX for QuakeCon this year (something we have both been waiting for since last year).

The train ride itself wasn't really that bad actually it was quite entertaining as I got to watch some of the most uncoordinated people try to walk between the train cars while they were shaking back and forth. I also played a some black jack and won a little bit of money that I used to go out to breakfast. One thing that really aggravated me happened right before I arrived in Hutchinson, KS. When I first boarded the train I was worried about my luggage being separate from my seat due to the fact that I had this feel someone was going to steal it but I just said hell with it and left it on the lower deck. Well when I arrived to Kansas I couldn't find my bag where I left it long story short I was getting pretty furious and just decided to rip all the other luggage off the shelves and then I just so happened to find my luggage in the way back on the top shelf.

More to be continued later today just a little teaser/info for you guys.
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1 aAaAaZzZzZ-][- Posted on: 08/11/2010 at 06:27
After reading this "blog"... The gay meter has detected something not right about this "Road Trip". ur both madd RIPT
2 kg87 Posted on: 08/12/2010 at 11:59
awe going to see someone you love is def worth the 13 hours! That's so adorable!!<3 As you continue your blog, please keep it pg-13, thanks!
3 Ares Posted on: 08/16/2010 at 08:01
Green, do the world a favor and stop typing. LOL
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