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Playoffs- Mythic

ESEA-Main Season 16 Playoffs
  • 02/14/16
  • 02/11/16
    Got em Gaming
  • 02/11/16
    Recorded Reported
  • 02/10/16
    Rapid Fire Gaming Clarity
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Day 1 Let Down Posted by Skitch on 08/13/2010
With this being my second QuakeCon event ever attended I naturally expected this year to out due last years (which was a record setting QuakeCon) but so far that has yet to happen. When we first arrived here at about 9:30am we were greateated with lines that seemed to go on for ages luckily we got to skip the registration line right to the front and get registered fairly quickly. Now for the biggest issue of the day goes to Network as all the players and managers were informed that the internet had been down since registration opened and they had yet to find a solutuin to correct the issue. What seemed to piss everyone off is that the tournament admins would announce a time for the event to start but it just seemed to keep getting pushed back every hour until finally they announced that no matches were going to be played and everyone would have to wait until tomorrow.

At about 9pm Gillz was informed that they had fixed the network issue so he was fortunate to go down and get a few practice games in.
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1 Ares Posted on: 08/16/2010 at 08:02
The internet was a JOKE. I mean, no offense but you were setting up for almost a week beforehand with the network probably being the single most important thing of ... well LAN (local area NETWORK) yet it was still fubar.
2 Ares Posted on: 08/16/2010 at 08:03
P.S. People were going around selling their phone server to tether so you could login to steam and QL to access content. That was funny.
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