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QC09 Final Thoughts Posted by Skitch on 08/16/2009
Well QuakeCon 2009 has official ended so I thought I would just give my final thoughs overall on the event. This past QuakeCon was the largest in QuakeCon history with 7000 total registered attendees and the vendors really noticed that and gave out quite a bit of stuff. The QuakCon staff themselves did a fantastic job in my opinion making sure that if you had any questions they were able to help you out and making sure that the the tournaments started on time as much as possible (their were a few delays but that is expected at an event of this size).

The coverage staff from LO3 (Live on 3) and QuadV did an amazing job as well making sure that the spectators knew exactly what was going on. They also helped individuals that did not know much about QuakeLive feel informed by doing map walkthroughs and explaining what each item/power up did as well as the best way to use them effectively. My hat also goes off to id and the entire QuakeLive development staff for implementing the new spectator features as well.
Now for my thoughts on the tournament play and the finals themselves. It seemed like this year the competition and skill level was really high compared to past years. If you were their or watching via an online stream we got a chance to see some real nail bitters as well as some amazing last minute comebacks. As for the finals with this being my very first QuakeCon ever I was extremely impressed with the way they had things setup for the spectators. For those of you that have not seen pictures in our gallery from Day 3 they had two huge projector screens on each side of the stage displaying the matches. They also had some video crews their doing some coverage as well as LO3 and QuadV
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1 jame^s Posted on: 08/18/2009 at 03:05
now you almost look as good as me.
2 jagman Posted on: 08/21/2009 at 10:10
James have i ever told you, You look a lot like Vin Diesel?
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