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First Clan War as Area 51 Posted by Focus on 11/22/2011
Area 51 Gaming vs Tactical Carnage

Game 1: NaeJeon vs krazRaven
Map: MLG Shattered Temple

This was the first map of the best out of seven Team Match. It started on MLG Shattered Temple where both players spawn close by air.  This matchup is a Terran vs Zerg. Our Terran opened with a reaper and transitioned into marine tank while their Zerg just went for the standard composition of zergling baneling and mutalisk. In the end NaeJeon pushed out with his marine tank medivac compostion and ended the game with a two base push while he was getting his third.

Ending: Area 51 Gaming 1: Tactical Carnage 0

Game 2: Naejeon vs Frosty

Map: MLG Shakuras Plateau

The second map of the Team Match and it was another Terran vs Zerg. Naejeon opted to go for a two rax with one of them proxied in his own natural while Frosty went for a fast hatch. The beginning was very much in favor for Naejeon but with great crisis management from Frosty he held with minimal loses and ended up taking out Naejeon with macro play good unit composition of zergling baneling and infestor.

Ending: Area 51 Gaming 1: Tactical Carnage 1

Game 3: Arc vs Frosty

Map: MLG Metalopolis

The third map of the Team Match was a Zerg vs Zerg. Both players spawned close by air so their overlords scout eachother very fast and they could see eachothers build. Both opted for a 14 extractor and 14 spawning pool but for some reason Arc was always faster with his build times. The game goes into early game with great micro from both players but it seems like Arc's micro and decision making gave him a clear advantage with lead him to win with a composition of mutalisk, zergling, and banelings.

Ending: Area 51 Gaming 2: Tactical Carnage 1

Game 4: Arc vs Intense
Map: GSL CrossFire SE

The fourth map of the Team Match was another Zerg vs Terran. Arc decides to go for a fast expand build into early roaches while their player opted for hellions, which are basically countered by roaches. Intense opts for a timing push while he gets his natural settles but with great defense using roaches speedlings and banelings, Arc holds! This swayed the momentum into Arc's favor. He manged to take a third base while also being very cute with burrowed banelings denies a strong push by the terran player. This set up Arc into his great macro and play. He had enough bases to constantly keep denying every push that was thrown at him and in the end Arc ended the games with overwhelming numbers of zerglings, banelings, and mutalisk.

Ending: Area 51 Gaming 3: Tactical Carnage 1

Game 5: Arc vs SkyBlue
Map: MLG Tal Darim Altar

The fifth and final Team Match to end it off was a Zerg vs Zerg. Both players opt for the same build but like the other game it seems that Arc was faster. It turned into a micro battle of zerglings and banelings. Both players were playing well but it always seemed like Arc was being more and more cost effective. He killed many workers of SkyBlue and in this match-up every worker counts. In the end Arc came out on top with his Mutalisk play and caught SkyBlue off guard forcing him to GG out.
That was the final game!!!!!!

Ending: Area 51 Gaming 4: Tactical Carnage 1

Thoughts on Team:
I feel like we came together as a team and made the right decisions as a team on who to send out. We were confident in the skill of each of our players and we decided to send people depending on their best match-ups. We have been practicing hard and I happy to see that it is making us all better. Great games played by both Naejeon and Arc. They definitely carried their weight and lead us to a 4-1 Victory. Hopefully we can continue working our way up and represent this organization with great skill, manner, and professionalism!

Thank you for reading my writeup on our first Team match and I hope you learned something about our team!


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1 striszLe Posted on: 11/22/2011 at 03:30
Area51 Gaming Fightingg!!!!~
2 strength Posted on: 11/22/2011 at 03:02
was a fun cw! Happy to see that you cast and wrote this up! very nice
3 MooMooMugi Posted on: 11/22/2011 at 05:51
Kane with a impressive 3-kill, great job everyone
4 Yaegz Posted on: 11/22/2011 at 08:08
gogo team
5 m3ss Posted on: 11/24/2011 at 09:36
Yeehaw! Well done fellas.
6 Vertigo Posted on: 12/02/2011 at 01:39
Awesome job with the match and the recap!
7 Focus Posted on: 12/02/2011 at 02:06
Thank you!! VM ill try and go over Recaps of every clan war...its sort of hard to keep track of esea matches since they all go at once but this is easier since its one at a time
8 chicken- Posted on: 12/15/2011 at 12:34
GJ guys, hi vertigo!
9 blaznjason Posted on: 01/14/2012 at 06:44
Very nice!
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