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Season Opener Posted by Skitch on 09/20/2009
Well its been a while since my last blog (34 days actually) that I decided to finally do another one on the hockey game I went to last night. As some of you may know I live in Illinois (about an hour away from Chicago) so me and a few friends decided to go to the Blackhawks season opener and lets just say it was one hell of a time.

The trip to the game started off around 3:15 when myself, Justin and Trevor decided to go to Chipotle for an early dinner as we did not feel like spending a bazillion dollars on food at the game. I must admit after not having Chipotle for quite a while it was damn good (I so wish they delivered). After Chipotle we headed back to Justin and Trevor's house to meet up with our buddy Mike and finally make our way to the United Center.

After being on the road for what seemed like forever and laughing our ass off we finally hit the Chicago traffic where we encountered what we liked to call the "rape van". The "rape van" was basically this old ass van that looked like a cross between a VW T2 from the back and a modern day school bus with blacked out windows and various small areas to look through. We basically followed  the "rape van" all the way to the United Center well that is until we spotted a Ferrari F430 Spider with what Trevor described as a "gay tennis player looking dude" driving it.

Once we actually got to the United Center and met up with Ross and we headeddown to the ice to see if any of the players were warming up but unfortunately their wasn't anyone on the ice. While the other guys found our seats (which we got for $7 a piece) Justin and myself headed out to get some beer before the other 19,732 (Preseason attendance record) fans started piling into the lines.

The game itself was awesome as the Blackhawks jumped off to an early lead but the Capitals battled back and push the game into over time. The Blackhawks lost 2-3 with 11 seconds left in OT before a shoot out would have taken place. (I really wanted to see a shootout damn it).

 Well that's all for now until next time.
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1 CheeseDogs Posted on: 11/10/2009 at 10:50
Fuck the Hawks! GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!
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