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MWO's first tourney Posted by i am a bore on 07/29/2012
Well, last friday MechWarrior Online hosted its first tournament at the nVidia headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA.

Drove up from San Diego for it, and it was totally worth it. Met with a few of the other guys at a place called The Yardhouse for some lunch with a... few... drinks. From there went to standing in a line for an hour waiting to get in.

This was my first tournament that I've participated in as a player and not an announcer and viewer, it was loads of fun for me.

16 teams of 8 went at it over 3 hours, Atlai stomping over the grounds while Jenners ran circles around them and people who had never played the game before shot PPC's sub-90 meters.

On the whole it was a good experience for me and I learned a lot. My team took first place overall, and was a good experience for all. Won a mouse pad, a mouse and a GTX 680. Hopefully there will be more of these over the next few years for MWO.

Stomp on Pilots.
-i am a bore
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