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Decade old mouse to SteelSeries Kana Posted by PineKone on 08/18/2012

My name is Joshua Springer, I go by the tag PineKone.  I had been using the same mouse since the turn of the century.  The Microsoft intellimouse 1.1.  This mouse and I have a long history of gaming.  I’ve used this mouse throughout the last 11 years of my life.  During that time I graduated high school, went to college, traveled the country playing CS, got engaged, got married, bought a house, and retired my 10 year old car yah that’s right I used the mouse longer then I kept my first new car. The reason I liked the mouse so much was because of its light weight and my perfect ability to grip the mouse with my hand.  When I learned I could put mouse skates on it, it made it a mainstay in my gaming setup, unlike every other piece of equipment that has changed multiple times since I started using it.

So I’ve been doing research on and off over the years trying to find a similar replacement.  The Steelseries Xai was close, but I couldn’t find any convincing recommendations.  So in comes the Kana.  It’s weight is very similar to the 1.1, as is the size and button layout.  What’s not similar is it can do 1000hz polling and 3200dpi, neither of which the 1.1 can touch.

When I first got the mouse and new mousepad(steelseries 9hd) It felt crazy.  I tried playing CS 1.6 and my sensitivity was insanely high.  I changed it to the lowest setting to 1 and it was still crazy high.  So I did a little research and found that you can make multiple profiles the the mouse saves.  So I’ve made 2.  One with 3200 dpi and one with 1600 dpi.  The reason being that in CS the lowest sensitivity that works is 1, you can go into decimals on the source engine(I’ve been playing CS:GO).  The button on top allows me to change between the two profiles instantly so pretty neat.

The mouse feels pretty similar to the 1.1 in weight and size, so I’ve adapted to it pretty well.  The issue I ran into for a while was I couldn’t find any mouse feet that were made specifically for the Kana.  I also couldn’t find any official posts stating it had the same mouse feet as any other mouse although it appeared the same in pictures as the sensei/xai.  I found some from Puretrak that are for the kinzu/kana so I ordered a set of 3 and I’ve been using them for 2 days.  It makes the mouse a little louder but it has made the mouse “skate” easier so I’ll take it.

All in all the change has been great.  The similar feel has made it an easy transition, and knowing that I’m finally up to date in mice has been very nice.  One less thing to blame besides myself when I’m bad 

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1 blaznjason Posted on: 08/24/2012 at 06:26
So now that you've had almost another week to practice and try it out. Are your results improved or just your feeling about your equipment?
2 PineKone Posted on: 08/24/2012 at 11:49
I've fully switched to this mouse, I enjoy the quality and feel of it now. It's been a nice upgrade
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