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been-away! Posted by massan on 08/24/2012
-woups, I've been posting on personal blog again. I posted this a week ago.

Hi. I'm now back from long break, lasted about 2-3 weeks.

I graduated, and went on road trip which has been notified much earlier.

I wasn't planning on going to mlg, but since I'm going, I plan to train hard till then.

I've been laddering, and turns out I'm about 100 pts down compare to where I was. (was -150~200, and cam back as I am using my bp).

My zvp seems to be shining as it was before, but zvt seems to be struggling because I took break when I was developing new builds/methods, and I can't remember why I decided to do things.

Hopefully I'll be back to where I was(rank 1~10 masters, or top 50~100 gm) before mlg!

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1 blaznjason Posted on: 08/31/2012 at 06:46
Excellent Massan keep up the good work!
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