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MLG Raleigh Experience Posted by noobeater5 on 08/29/2012
MLG Raleigh was total crap in comparison to Anaheim. The officials however, were way nicer and didn't manage to kick us players out like they did at Anaheim. Though I really wanted to punch this old guy(staff) in the face for being a dick to me and a lot of the progamers. A lot of people got really sick at the event as well, myself included. North Carolina is a beautiful place to live in, Raleigh in particular had an average temperature around 80's. I remember one day I had 6 meals before and in between my matches. I think that was what caused me to get really sick and all.

I did get to meet a lot of more people. The WCS Mexico players were cool until they decided that it was funny to call the security on us and almost got us kicked out of the hotel....

And I did get to meet Korean pro gamers, they're just as fun as the rest of us once you get to know them better! I did touch LiquidHero's hair!! and now marineking knows who i am :D:D

Anyways, I wasn't really satisfied with my results at Raleigh but things happen. I will definitely perform much better at the next MLG Arena and MLG Dallas.
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