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Rank 1 master in server once again(mmr), and lan. Posted by massan on 09/03/2012
Hi. Since iSjecho dropped out of GM, I became rank 1 master in server once again, mmr wise D:(2048 pts as of post)

Unfortunately, all 200 gm spots are full and unless someone drop out due to inactivity in 3 days, I see no hope of getting to gm this season.

This also means as long as I don't lose in huge streak, I'll get my gm spot this time.

This is exciting news because I haven't gotten gm at all yet.

Anyways, I'm playing on my laptop, which reduces my performance significantly-didn't realize until mlg, but it does- due to casual lan me and my friend are hosting. We have brought about 30 computers all together and are having good time here.

I'll be back to my desktop once again at late night of labor day, and get my stream going on.

I wish you all good time over labor day!
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