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MLG Raleigh was Poppin!!! Posted by Focus on 09/07/2012
i guys! So as most of you know I recently went to MLG Raleigh with areaKitty, areaMaSsan, and areaHaneul. It was a great experience and definitely one that I will not forget. The weekend was filled with tons of highs and little lows but was definitely a great weekend for Area 51 Starcraft 2 team. Both areaKitty and areaMaSsan did well in their MLG run and I had a fun time even though I lost really early on. To be honest I haven't really been playing much and wanted to just go to MLG for the great people that go to these events and also to have fun with great teammates. Ok so now its time to start from the beginning.

areaMaSsan areaFocus areaHaneul areaKitty

So my weekend started off great! I had an early flight which was annoying but I made sure I woke up on time so I didn't miss my flight. My flight took off from Newark Airport in New Jersey which was about an hour away from me so thank god we didn't hit any traffic.

Leaving Home

Flight to Raleigh

When I landed, it was about 10 o'clock in the morning and areaKitty wasn't landing till four in the afternoon so I had a ton of time to burn. I went on the public bus that was extremely sketchy but then got to the hotel which was very nice by the way lol!!! (Thanks Kitty and BLIZZARD)

Marriot Hotel

On thursday, we really didn't do much. Most of our thursday was walking around with people waiting for the NOS party to start. It was not as much fun as we hoped but nothing beats free food and free drinks (OPEN BAR!!!!!)

Catered FOOD WOOT (Thanks NOS!!!)

areaKitty and CoLSasquatch seem to be getting close 0_0

We ended the night getting a good nights rest and waited to see how everyone did on the open brackets Friday afternoon. Friday came and everyone seemed more serious. There was no more jokes or playful banter. You could see that areaMaSsan and areaKitty had an intense look to them and a aura that made you feel cold on the inside. It seemed that they were out for blood!(Which they were lol).

Both players did really well at MLG!

Winners Bracket
2:0 YJmsiRane
2:0 SadisTx
2:1 coLRyze
0:2 coLTriMaster

Losers Bracket
2:0 NitrixDaisuki
0:2 coLFuzzy

Winners Bracket
2:0 DynamicMass
2:0 LevPosiStomp
2:0 NitrixDaisuki
1:2 GosuIceCream

Losers Bracket
2:0 coLRyze
2:1 EGSuppyRC
0:2 FXOasd

From a teammates perspective, I was on cloud nine basically. Even though I did terrible I still felt really happy for both of them! I cannot wait to see them rip through the open bracket again. 

Haneul and I cheering up MaSsan after his loss

The rest of the weekend went by really fast. We got to hang out with a ton of the Koreans on sunday night and also got to hang with some MLG Staff. 

Revival and Alicia

What the End Looked Like

Ended Strong but without our other 2 :(

All in all this event was a blast and I hope dallas will be just like this. My teammates areaKitty, areaMaSsan, and areaHanuel made the weekend even better plus all the other people we chilled with (Too MANY TO COUNT 0_0)

Thanks to Our Sponsors SteelSeries, Gigabyte, Killer, Hurricane Host, End of Reality

Until Next TIME CYA!!!!!



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1 PenguinMURDA Posted on: 09/07/2012 at 07:35
Very good writeup. Glad to see pictures of the event and it seemed like a very successful event for us.
2 Ares Posted on: 09/07/2012 at 11:11
Now T H I S is a blog post, great read, thanks Fred.
3 strength Posted on: 09/08/2012 at 12:20
Fred, this is sick. You should post this on TL as well. I'm happy for you man!
4 blaznjason Posted on: 09/08/2012 at 03:59
Excellent work. Thanks to our SC2 team that continues to perform well and improve.
5 ScrubbleS Posted on: 09/08/2012 at 04:45
this is lovely, im crying
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