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Fragadelphia Recap Posted by n0swal on 03/25/2014

Fragadelphia was definitely a trying experience for me. I had a steam id ticket error issue that caused my computer to not work properly. Then my mouse would randomly stop working during the middle of matches, so overall it was extremely frustrating. The LAN initially was supposed to be a one-day LAN. Because of all the delays we ended up at the LAN from 10am Friday morning and practically played straight till 10am the next morning with no sleep like a full 24 hours. Hence why if you tuned in the stream it was titled “Sleep deprivation’’. We were running on no sleep on heavy amounts of Redbull and monsters, I’m surprised no one at this LAN had a heart attack or died of exhaustion LOL. Because I know I felt like I was going to have one by the time we left. I’m not one to make excuses but it was honestly draining and we didn’t perform as well as I know we could have.  We plan on redeeming ourselves at this Socal LAN coming up so stay tuned :D   We have high hopes and I plan  on crushing all the invite teams that are supposed to attend so it’ll be fun. Especially since we finally have the roster of my dreams with no weak links and all very talented players.  Nitro and rush will be two great additions and will bring lots of impact. Watch out for us in main this season too since we plan on winning every upcoming match.

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