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KAMEHAMEHA Recap Posted by RUSH on 04/06/2014

I went into the match against KAMEHAMEHA tonight with a lot of confidence for success due to the fact that we have been winning most of our scrims on train vs. main-invite teams.  Right off the bat we won our T pistol which is always huge, especially on a map like train which is heavily ct sided; and I had 2 quick kills that secured outside.  From then on out on T side we throttled them outside and just systematically tore them apart at every spot, losing only 2 rounds.  I even had 1 round where I went out mid alone and had a quick 4k almost all instant headshots.  It was a similar situation on CT side, on the pistol round they rushed IVY and I had 2 quick headshots that held the back lanes and got us the CT pistol... at which point they had to eco 2 rounds in a row and the score came to 15-2.  They finally had guns, but it didn't matter, and we easily shut them down inner to get the big WIN.


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