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a51 vs HRG reCAP Posted by decipLe on 04/07/2014

I cant help but think of who we are playing tonight, as I sit and wonder how the outcome will be against a few of my former players I went to LAN and had great time with. Of course the 3 I am referring to are deka, mgm, and rakan. All 3 have the potential to have a great breakout game and do big things given the opportunity. Of course I believe we will win but you cant help but wonder with the all the changes we made prior, I ask myself, "Will things go as planned and smooth" , "Are we prepared for a team that has been together since the last Socal Revival, where we have changed our lineup and have not had 5th until now".

Heart is beating with excitement as we run our T side pistol. Pow the match is officially under way as my teammates start trading kills, I get one as well. But before I know it I am in a 1v2 situation on a map (de_train) that is very CT sided and in a round that sets the tone for the rest of the match. I think to myself, "I cannot lose, my teammates are depending on me" and carry that into a swift 2 shots into 1, then followed quickly by the other. "Terrorist Win" I DID IT! I knew from that round on we would have the momentum and state of mind we needed to take these guys down. Its crazy how 1 round can have that much of an impact but if I have learned one thing over my time playing this game competetivly, pistol rounds are CRUCIAL! As the rounds go on through the T side half (15 rounds) we continually go back and forth trading kills but step up as teammates to clinch the rounds. Everything was going perfectly, I mean obviously there are things to improve always, but the fact that we are up 11-1 before we lose another round with constant trades and communication with no arguing, how can anyone be displeased?

We finish the half 12-3 and know we have to keep our minds clear and focus because we still have to close this out and as I said before pistols are crucial to how a half will turn out. It goes live, withing a few seconds my teammate ivey goes down and soon another, "Crap we cannot give them this round" , I rotate to CT stairs only to find 3 waiting T's with heads that needed a trim, needless to say I was happy to oblige! Pow Pow Pow, 3 T's down leaving us in a 3v2 but since I have left inner they had a quick rotate available to get the bomb down. My teammate rotates through Z as I post and wait for someone to push off the bomb train. In the blink of eye my teammate puts one down, and I the next giving us the round and soon to be victory for the map!

I am overcome with joy because I know the struggles we went through in the beginning were worth it. Trying to find the correct lineup with players who not only do not have an ego, but have an open mind, willing to put in the work, able to adjust and adapt to the high level of competition in the game is a hard thing to come by. I am very confident you will see a lot more matches with this kind of score and outcome as every player on our team has the ability to change a match by themselves but as long as we stay on the same page and work as a team, no one will have to step up in the regaurd because we will all have an equal effort and contribution, its not all about K:D Ratio. With that said, I hope to see a lot more people taking us very seriously and know that it will not be an easy win playing us at any point!

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1 decipLe Posted on: 04/07/2014 at 07:02
Haven't dont a Recap in a while sorry guys!
2 Princess Posted on: 04/07/2014 at 08:18
Great recap you def had some high pressure clutch situations
3 jagman Posted on: 04/12/2014 at 09:32
Awesome job Mike!! it was a pleasure reading this keep up the great work guys!
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