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My Thoughts on the new Steam UI Update Posted by Skitch on 03/01/2010
On February 23rd, 2010 Steam officially announced a new version of steam that was available to the community in public beta. Now as some of you may know (after reading Nick's Bad Company 2 post) I dislike change most of the time but I decided what the hell why not give this new Steam a try. So after signing up to participate in beta I waited for the new steam UI files to download to my PC and prompt me to login. When the new login screen popped up I was thinking to myself "oh boy here we go" but after logging in I was actually pleasantly surprised with what they had done.

One of the first things that I really noticed was how well/fast each of the sections loaded,which probably attributed to using the WebKit as the new rendering engine instead of Internet Explorer.

I also noticed right away that they changed the Games to Library and gave the user three different ways to view the page layout (details, list, and grid) which all display different information to the user. The first view you can choose is called Details and it happens to be my personal favorite of the three as it displays the most information to the user including total hours played, last played, friends that are currently playing a specific game, friends that play that specific game, helpful links, and specific game  news. The second view you can choose is called List and it is basically the same as the way the games menu was setup before except with a larger game avatar/logo. The third and final view method is called Grid and it basically just has an image for each game you have installed/added that you can hover your mouse pointer over to either view details or install/play that specific game.

Steam has also gone ahead and redesigned the layout of the news page which I happen to really like for a few reasons. The first is that they have added filters or what steam now calls channels to reflect certain things such as client updates, product updates, and my games (which will only reflect the games you have installed/added to your steam account). They have also placed a search feature along with an archive feature right at the user's finger tips.

Friends friends friends... oh how we all love the wonderful friends system on steam. The friends system has remained relativity the same although I will say that I have not been kicked off of friends since switching to the UI Beta. One nice thing they did add though was show your avatar on all of the pages along with a Online Friend counter that when clicked takes you to view your steam control panel (which displays your friends for you).

Well their is my rant for now hope you all enjoyed my two cents on the new Steam UI Update.
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1 gillz Posted on: 03/18/2010 at 01:33
I think the new UI looks completely awful. The font doesn't really match the theme, the entire GUI isn't smooth around edges, etc. I'm sure the functionality is fine, but in terms of how it looks, I think it's garbage.
2 jame^s Posted on: 03/21/2010 at 09:35
What friends scott.... :D Good writeup
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