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Punisher(Protoss) application 
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Saw the Application thread locked just joined as a member today so im not sure if you are still acceptiing applications but heres mine.
-First Name Billy Wickham
-Ingame Name IlIlIlIlIlIl. Char Code 570
-Age 20
-Race Protoss
-Sc2ranks page Still has me listed as Punisher It's bugged but it shows my current rank ... lIlIlIlIl/
This was my 2nd account made in july since i wanted the name Punisher I changed it about 3 weeks ago since me and a few friends thought barcode name looked cool so maybe people would play harder vs us which i regret now since sc2 ranks bugs a little and i miss the name punisher.
-Bio about your self
I've always been a person that like to try new things and seek new adventures to go on in my life. I played many sports in middle school and highschool, but one thing that most of my friends and I had in common was games. We would all play the same online game together and would talk about our adventures everyday at school. To me the best games were the ones that i felt my skills came into play was RTS games because they made me think of how should overcome a challenge and this skill has really helped me a lot in life finding new ways to do things in life. Currently I go to Community Collage as a full time student not sure what i want to do in life. I'm also working part time at a family restaurant as a Busser/dishwasher. It's hard to some up ones life in an paragraph but my goal in life is to try as many things and meet as many people as I can. =)

-History of Your SC2 Career
Been Playing seriously for the past 2 months gone from bronze to masters getting better everyday.
For me I believe that "cheese" on ladder serves no purpose as to getting better at the game it self. My mindset is that if I Macro every game and hold of "cheese" or "All ins" that my mechanics will far surpass the people who cheese at high levels. My other mind set is Rank does not matter since I play to get better where most people play to win thats the reason i never cheese since my skill cap wont ever move if i was to cheese/allin every game. I feel that because once i start playing high lvl players my basic mechanics and macro will be so low in comparison to theres and their cheese will be higher than mine. Thats just the way ai feel and i have friends who are Professionals at other games and they think alike I also try to watch every lose more than wins to see where I made mistakes and how i lost rather than watching wins where i won because i outplayed them.
First season Playing "Real Macro games" in masters and I fee like this season ive improved more than any other.
-Past Achievements
Pretty new to the competitive scene have not had a chance to play in any online tourneys did not feel I was at a level where i could showcase my skill.

What can you offer to Area 51
One thing that I tell every job that ive worked at is that I can bring 2 major things: Consistency and Reliability. I'm the type of person where if i make something a priority in my life I stick to it. For example, I've never missed a day of work or shown up late because I feel that saying I will do something then going back on it ruins my reputation and hurts my name. When someone gives me a task I do everything in my power to achieve said task and if there is to much for me to handle I seek help from co workers or friends/team mates.

This can pertain to: Clanwars ,Group Events, Meetings, Team practice, Training sessions, Tournaments and Forum representation.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this


Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:35 am
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