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I'm back, work is awesome 
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So I'm back, had to go out of country for a few months, was not fun though it had its moments.

So anyway, I've been reading the email updates I've been getting and I can say that I'm not terribly excited for this, sure is same game mode, renamed. But anyhow, I'm gonna start again, simply because this is the only MW game and it is keeping with the Battletech universe.... If in name only.

Should I expect the worse and just wear a plastic suit to protect myself from the shitstorm that the forums has become in-game, or should I just move on and... I don't know.

On a side note, MW:O community has taken the SAME route that SW:ToR and ME3 community has, fanboys crying that PGI can do no wrong and is above god with their masterpiece, and everyone else getting silenced/ignored/"We know, soon™" etc etc. GW2 sucked, PS2 is meh, LoL is boring now. I've not played any video game over the past week that I've been back for more than ~2 hours, everything sucks. I've started playing Tabletop again, vice vidya. But I digress.

Should I be... excited? to return or should I just put my hours in and work for something that is only... moderately enjoyable? I'll be here Friday late, if anyone wants to hook in and sex up some MW:O with me as I just back into my Raven

Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:47 am

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patch day is when most of us come back to play for a little. I'll be on TS throughout the week but the game is not what it used to be. we are hoping with community warfare that it gets better but some of us are playing other games together like megamek and STO till we see where things are going. Glad to see your back i'll see you online

Best, Basilisk51

Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:37 am

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I haven't played mwo in about 2-3 weeks.. I'll give it another go soon(tm) but right now there isn't much interest. ECM has really changed the game - but not for the better. Most teams now run with 4+ ecm capable mechs - and considering ECM negates a lot of content and choice within the game, it's really not something I want any part of. I still try to keep up on the forums, but overall the gameplay experience was pretty poor when I put the game down, and so far I haven't seen anything to suggest it has changed (patchnotes/forum stuff/etc). Essentially ECM variants have obsoleted non ecm mechs, so there really isn't much point in playing your favorite non ecm mech (you can't target, can't use ssrm, will be laughed at for carrying LRM, and with no one to coordinate (IE: you can't call targets because you can't target them) - you will get picked apart within seconds of getting within range of an enemy (unless you have ECM yourself).

I still have high hopes for the game, but it's quickly becoming apparent that my expecations are set far too high.

Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:42 pm

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If you are being targeted by a flamer, and have a flamer yourself, it will not generate heat (this seems really dumb)
- Target heat increases exponentially due to heat retention (flamers will be more effective the longer you hit someone with it)

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Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:26 am
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