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So, it's been a minute since I've logged on to MWO, and I thought I'd at least do the courtesy of explaining why.

I'm a Catapult driver, through and through. When it became apparent that the Catapult of any variety wasn't to get ECM, I couldn't really bring myself to buy anything else and bring my skill level to the same point as what I had it with my Catapult. I still log in and patch, but until ECM gets a bit more balance and/or becomes available on the Catapult, I'll likely hold of on playing unless there's a big patch like there's scheduled for February (new map and other various updates). If y'all are still playing, I'd like find out what days/times you guys are logging so I can at least drop with the group. Depending on how big this new map is, I may bust out the old mech and give it a whirl with the new updates and all, but until some serious base defenses are rolled out and I can integrate and command those, I don't know how much I'll be on.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:00 am

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Well most of us have adopted a similar strategy to you, so there isn't a whole lot of logging on or group activity happening right now.

That being said, I have been playing solo now and then, and ECM does not seem to be anywhere near as widespread as it used to be (maybe people are getting bored of it) - and light mechs with ecm are much easier to kill now since they reverted the net code stuff. ECM can still be a deciding factor in games, but it's not as miserable as it used to be.

There is even talk of PPC's disabling ECM - which will either make it less effective or more common (a single ppc shot disables ECM for 5 seconds, consecutive hits reset the timer - so in theory it can be nullified by a single PPC). And I just noticed in today's patch notes that they have given ECM components health (3), consider how much people whined about gauss rifles getting a similar health reduction, and I think ECM will be much more fragile going forward.

I suspect that ECM capable mechs will still carry ECM at every chance, but that non ECM mechs will have a fighting chance against them at least. Also, I was running around in my catapult c1 the other day (with tag) and found LRMs to be reasonably effective (provided the map didn't have a shit ton of cover). All in all, the game is transitioning into a more defensive type battle - but group zergs are still a bit too effective. That being said, communication can quickly turn a group zerg into a ball of mechs that has to deal with multiple flanks..

I think the game is pointed in the right direction.. it's just taking it's sweet time getting to the destination.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:21 pm
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