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Patch Notables - Feb 5 
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Heat Tuning on Large Lasers and PPCs

- Large Laser stays at 7.0.
- Large Pulse Laser reduced from 9.0 to 7.3.
- Extended Range Large Laser reduced from 10.0 to 9.5.
- PPC reduced from 9.0 to 8.0.
- Extended Range PPC reduced from 13.0 to 11.0.

- Jump Jet trajectories have been adjusted to give a quick lift off the ground.
- Jump Jet fuel has been reduced for all Mechs (from 5 seconds to 3.25 seconds).

New IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) Colors

- The hue of the IFF colors have been changed slightly. Enemies still = RED, Allies still = BLUE

Item Tuning

- Set Beagle Active Probe and Command Console health to 10
- Set ECM health to 3


Pre-Round Screen

- Shows more player information( even more friendly team information )
- Show aligned faction
- Chat enabled
- Game mode information
- Map information

End of Round Screen

- Chat enabled
- Tabbed screens showing players information and players results ( kills, cbills + exp )
- Match score will be displayed for all players:
- Match Score is an early ranking system for the End of Round screen only. This number will be later worked into or made part of Combat Score which will be your global ranking. For now it's just a handy way to rank players in a match. It is subject to tuning in the near future.

Camo Spec Phase 2

- Patterns can now be unlocked permanently or applied once.
- Each pattern unlock is valid of only one mech type.
- Example: You can unlock the Dazzle pattern for the Atlas and all it's variants.

- Once a pattern is unlocked, you can no longer purchase/apply a single use version of that pattern, for the mech type you bought it for..
- Colors are now unlocked permanently when purchased.
- Special patterns such as Phranken will automatically apply appropriate colors and add the cost to your purchase price. You can chose not to buy the colors by going to the color tab and resetting the colors to a default green, or unlocked color.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed issues with mech power system ( Powering up/down a mech during overheating ) .
- Fixed assessment of multi-rank pilot efficiencies
- Various Front-end related aesthetics issues
- TAG/NARC CBills and XP bonus will no longer be incorrectly given with friendly fire
- Laser( Traceweapons ) impact decals now correctly align to terrain
- Projectiles now impact the collision mesh exactly as they do on the server. On clients they used to pass through the collision mesh if they did not come into contact with the render mesh.
- Camera shake will now correctly occur when taking damage from laser and ballistic weapons at the same time
- Advanced zoom will automatically turn off on death
- Sound distortion caused by high number of missile trails going off at the same time has been fixed.
- Fixed some stuck bugs around and on barge in Forest Colony & Forest Colony snow.
- Fixed issue where Beagle Active Probe, ECM, and Command Console were not taking critical hit damage
- Updated environment cube maps for all levels.

And.. there are probably a lot more changes that they didn't mention in the notes - since that's the way PGI works.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:29 pm
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