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Some really great info in here about what we have to look forward to this spring/summer as well as new info on coming game types, maps, fixes, and other features.

...Also what's that? A dev actually SAYING something hard about melee combat? Color me intrigued.

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Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:51 pm

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hype machine is in full effect. The problem with these things is that they say "yes this is coming" - but it doesn't show up for months and months. The end result is a lot of excitement that turns into disappointment, and then anger/distrust when 4 months later there's still no sign of things.

I like the community interaction, but I wish they would put more of a timeline on things - if they are going to mention "XYZ is coming" - they don't really give it a date unless it's a patch or two away. However, history shows that their patch cycle gets knocked off kilter very easily (which is probably why they don't give dates anymore), but simply a "look for this in 3rd quarter 2013" would be sufficient. This would give them a 3 month landing pad - and plenty of time to update the community as to why things are not going to make the original date. For example, community warfare - by their original estimate was intended to be ready for implementation at the end of January - and has since been pushed back to end of summer. That's a long ass time to get pushed back - but there was literally zero communication about this until maybe a month ago. shrug.

Also, I noticed that while there were some quality questions in that Q&A, there were a lot of questions asked by the same few people. I don't know whether that speaks to the amount of community involvement, the size of the community, or the devs filtering the questions. Just an oddity anyways.

Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:04 pm

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While I don't disagree, Liquid, many of the big things that were saying 'this is coming' were given a couple months padding (for instance, saying that Community Warfare is coming in May or June or Announcements regarding Clan Tech coming in April or May) while other big things, were explicitly said "It's in the works - No firm ETA" (UI 2.0, which I mistakenly thought was what the UI update in today's patch was going to be. My apologies on the misinformation there).

Regarding the lack of variety in who says what, it's my experience that some people know how to ask questions in a better format than the general masses and they tend to write more. Personal opinion is that this is probably case here, but there's no hard data supporting it regardless.

Honestly, I feel that much of the community rolls their eyes at whatever the devs say (the 51st not immune to this, but because of some interactions WITH the devs, I understand this to a degree) and sometimes get outright hostile regarding the setbacks. Being a programmer and having done a bit of time in game design I personally am okay with setbacks if it means I get it done right rather than just thrown out there without working right. I'm not saying I'm not disappointed, but I really feel that some people need to lighten up. I'm just happy to have MechWarrior again, even in this iteration.

Settling is for chumps.

Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:26 pm
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