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Patch Notables - Feb 19 
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Alpine peaks is by far our largest map, with kilometres of distance between each base. Rising mountains and hills scatter the landscape, giving a vertical as well as horizontal fight. In addition to that, several corridors of hundreds of meters in length dot the level, allowing ranged weapons to really shine; but be careful, as many of the tall hills can be climbed, and the large size of the map means encirclement is a real possibility. Fighting often happens down long corridors, and cover is sporadic, but very high. Combat takes place at all levels, with enemies able to appear above, below, and to the sides of you. What seems like an advantage will suddenly be turned around if you get flanked, so it is important to cover your sides, and move together as a team.

- House Kurita Hologram Statue.
- House Liao Hologram Statue.
- House Marik Hologram Statue.
- House Steiner Hologram Statue.
- House Free Rasaihague Hologram Statue.
- House Davion Hologram Statue.


MatchMaking Phase 3

- When players or groups press the launch button, the match maker will attempt to form the best balanced match in terms of both the skills (ELO) and mech classes of all the players involved.
- The longer the search takes, up to approximately 2-3 minutes, the less balanced the match could be since there just simply isn't a balanced mix of players and selected mechs looking for a match.
- The more matches people play, the more accurate matching will become.

Centurion Variant Quirks.

- Increased CN9-A and CN9-AL max engine to 275 (from 260).
- Increased CN9-YLW max engine to 300 (from 280).
- Increased CN9-A and CN9-AL torso twist angle to 100 (from 90).
- Decreased CN9-A, CN9-AL, and CN9-D max horizontal arm angle to 35 (from 40).
- Increased CN9-A and CN9-AL turning rate by 10%.
- Increased CN9-YLW turning rate by 5%.
- Decreased acceleration rate of all Centurions by 10%.
- Increased the deceleration rate of the CN9-A, CN9-AL, and CN9-D by 10%.

Narc Beacon Improvements:
- Narc now makes a `Mech targetable to everyone on the opposing team.
- When an ECM "turns off" the other effects of a Narc beacon, it turns off this one as well.

- When a `Mech has been hit by a Narc beacon, the effects of the Narc beacon automatically end if the `Mech takes a cumulative 35 damage from the time the Narc beacon hit.
- Each time a `Mech is hit with an enemy Narc beacon, the damage counter resets.

EMP Property added to PPCs and ERPPCs:
- When a PPC or ERPPC projectile hits an ECM carrying `Mech, the ECM is disabled for 4 seconds.
- The ECM disabled time does not accumulate with successive shots.
- If a `Mech is hit with a PPC or ERPPC while their ECM is already disabled, the disabled timer returns to 4 seconds.

Machine Guns/Flamers/LB10-X
- The Flamer has a 14% increased chance to crit once, an 8% increased chance to crit twice, and a 3% increased chance to crit 3 times.
- When the Flamer crits, it will deal 1.1x the amount of normal damage to an internal item.
- Flamer crit damage is 0.4 x 1.1 = 0.44 per crit. Max crit of 3 times = 1.32.
- The low damage mulitplier is due to the fact that the Flamer already has it's head increase ability.
- The LB10-X has a 14% increased chance to crit once, an 8% increased chance to crit twice, and a 3% increased chance to crit 3 times.
- When the LB10-X crits, it will deal 2.0x the amount of normal damage from 1 'pellet' to an internal item.
- The LB10-X crit damage is 1.0 x 2.0 = 2.0 per crit. Max crit of 3 times = 6.0.
- The Machine Gun has a 14% increased chance to crit once, an 8% increased chance to crit twice, and a 3% increased chance to crit 3 times.
- When the Machine Gun crits, it will deal 12.5x the amount of normal damage per bullet to an internal item.
- The Machine Gun crit damage is 12.5 x 0.04 = 0.5 per crit. Max crit of 3 times = 1.5.
- Due to the rate of fire, the Machine Gun is now a heavy crit seeker and will be VERY effective vs. items on non-armoured locations.

Item Health Adjustment
- AC/20 now has 18 health, up from 10.

Sensor Modules Tunings:
- Standard Sensors (0% boost):
- A Non-ECM Mech can be detected at 800m.
- An ECM cloaked Mech can be detected at 200m. It disrupts signal at 180m.
- With Advanced Sensor Range (at rank 2, 25% boost):
- A non-ECM mech can be detected at 1000m.
- An ECM cloaked Mech can be detected at 250m. It disrupts signal at 180m.

Incoming missile warning on targets:

- When an enemy is actively the target of incoming missiles, an indicator appears on their targeting box.

Front End

MechLab Improvements

- Moved UPGRADES tab to be a sub-tab of LOADOUT (upgrades are now drag and drop to slots).
- Rearranged the Buy Mech details panel to make better use of the space.
- Revamped the Item Details panel to show details specific to each item type.
- Added Description tab in Item Details panel.
- Revamped the look of the Hardpoint Slot list.
- Added ability to sell multiple items of the same type in the item list rather than selecting and selling individual items.
- Bug Fixes

Mech Efficiencies:
- Basic `Mech Efficiencies are now correctly doubled when Elite status is obtained.
(NOTE: Elite status requires you to have all 4 Elite talents purchased for that variant).
- Fixed an issue where purchasing ‘Arm Reflex’ was actually granting ‘Twist Speed’ efficiency and vice versa.
- Fixed an issue where purchasing ‘Fast Fire’ (weapon cooldown) was actually granting ‘Pin Point’ (Weapon convergence) efficiency and vice versa.
- Fixed the ‘Fast Fire’ efficiency: This efficiency was previously working backwards. Having this efficiency previously was increasing the cooldown of weapons. Now it is properly decreasing cooldown.

Pilot Lab:
- Fix mis-matched ordering of `Mech Efficiencies (see above).
- Disable option to convert XP if insufficient XP available.
- Show max convertible XP.
- Display state of Efficiencies for mechs that have been sold.
- Correctly refresh module info.
- Correctly update number unlocked efficiencies.

- Fixed issue where item quantity is not displayed in the "Inventory" line in Specifications when selected from Hardpoint Slots.
- Fixed issue where equipped items are displayed as not equipped when selected in Weapons Systems/Ammo sidebar.
- Fixed issue where the tonnage and repair status are displayed for modules in Specs section.
- Fixed issue where buying the Ferro Fibrous armor causes two exact same "Are you sure you want to buy selected items" prompts to appear.
- Fixed issue where sometimes the client will crash when modifying a `Mech and applying an upgrade immediately.
- Fixed issue where the upgrade window only displays one of the two missing prerequisites.
- Fixed issue where user is unable to sell modules from the modules tab.
- Fixed issue where after logging off and then logging back in the user is able to access an empty MechLab before the loading screen appears.
- Fixed issue where after selling items from the inventory, the balance is updated but the user is still unable to purchase items even with sufficient C-Bills.
- Fixed issue where sometimes if the user select two `Mechs in a row from the quicklist will ready the first one.

- Fixed chat input retention in Front-End (chat will no longer 'reset' while you type).
- Fixed Incoming message pulse.
- Fixed migrating pulse issue.

Fall Damage Tuning:
- Fixed excessive fall damage while moving across bumpy surfaces and falling from short heights.

- Fixed bugs within the damage transfer system:
- When destroyed components were hit from the back with explosive weapons, the damage transfer to front and central components would only be a fraction of what it was supposed to be.
- Fixed LRMs sometimes taking a sharp path after launching.

Dedicated Server:
- BattleMechs will now unlock faster at the end of a match.

Known Issues
- Damage textures are intentionally disabled until some additional re-work can be done.
- Users may experience some popping/flickering textures in our new Alpine Peaks map. We will try to address these graphical issues next patch.
- Users may experience a stats tab in the MechLab with undefined strings, this will be addressed next patch.

Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:42 pm

Joined: Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:36 am
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Should prove to be an interesting patch.

New fast moving fire support mech, much larger map, a true ecm counter, and a reason to fear flamers, machine guns, and LB10-x.

Time to saddle up!

edit: 2 Trebuchet variants have JJ's!

Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:45 pm

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I always felt the LB-X should be meaner against mechs' insides, but DANG. MGs definitely got some hurt going on.

I'd like to try Narc to see how much it enhances support capabilities for LRM boats. Any thoughts on if after Narc is applied it'll still show up on radar without LOS?

And thank God they tweaked how long a mech is locked after a match is over. While not detrimental, it felt like I was waiting foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Can't wait to check this out when I get home from school today.

Settling is for chumps.

Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:10 pm

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I'd definitely be interested in doing a few drops tonight in my C1. Gotta save up a few to buy some more LRM20's, though.

Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:08 pm

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Logged on and played a few matches with Crackerbox and Omega. Alpine is flipping amazing. When you look at the grid squares, it doesn't seem all that big. Then you realize each grid square is a kilometer. I have a use again!

Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:05 am

Joined: Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:36 am
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yup. alpine is definitely large. I hope they continue making maps this size or larger. An urban map this size would be pretty amazing.

Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:44 am

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That (the larger urban map) would be killer for larger engagements, but at the same time, I feel River City already has an issue with teams frequently just passing each other and games ending without a shot being fired. Maybe for a game type like conquest or a one-sided "assault" mode like in MW4:Mercs or Dropship mode, depending on what that looks like when that lands in May/June (Ask the Devs-21).

Just an idea I had off the top of my head, but I'd really like to see a Solaris type game mode where you engage on one on one's against people in a set of gimmick-y arenas. Would give the people those single player people somethin' to do and the brawlers could have some fun with their pre-alpine builds. I mean, not that I'd send that to a dev or anything, but I think it'd be cool regardless.

Settling is for chumps.

Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:53 pm
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