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Patch Notables - Mar 19 
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New mech: JagerMech
New Map: Tourmaline Desert

The Tourmaline Desert is found on a small sun-baked planetoid in a binary star system. The bedrock is largely granite covered, with a thin layer of schist and sporadic veins of liquid sodium. The most striking features, however, are the endless, towering outcrops of massive tourmaline crystals that reach up against a scarlet nebula. The mean temperature is ~97°C, with an atmosphere comprised mainly of carbon dioxide with trace amounts of methane, ammonia, sodium and water vapour.

BattleMech warriors will have a challenging fight ahead of them. Heat management will be a huge priority, and steep walled craters may pen them in for easy pickings. The giant tourmaline crystals will offer some protection from missile barrages, but the long corridors and accessible peaks will make any BattleMech vulnerable to sniper fire.

New Consumables Modules
Coolant flushes are here. PPC boats get another alpha before shutting down.

New Modules

- Cool Boost
- Costs 15,000 GXP.
- When bought, automatically increases the cooling provided by every cool shot by 20%.
- Does not need to be equipped to a BattleMech.

- Cool Shot 9 by 9
- Costs 15,000 GXP.
- When bought, automatically upgrades all Cool Shot 9 modules into Cool Shot 9 by 9 modules.
- Cool Shot 9 by 9 modules removed 18 heat per second for 1 second.
- All other stats/costs/restrictions are the same as Cool Shot 9.

BattleMech Cockpit Items

- Atlas Statue.
- Catapult Statue.
- Hunchback Statue.

BattleMech Skin
- Vagabond Skin.


New Controls
- Added Arm Lock gameplay option (ON by default):
- When Arm Lock is enabled, the arm reticule is fixed to the torso crosshairs and moves at the same rate as the torso.
- Added Throttle Decay gameplay option (ON by default). When Throttle Decay is enabled:
- Gameplay options can be enabled/disabled on the fly from the new in-game Options Screen.
- Pressing the ‘W’ key will sets the throttle to 100%.
- Pressing the ‘S’ key will sets the throttle to -100%.
- Releasing the ‘W’ and ‘S’ key sets the throttle to 0.
- Keyboard users can now use the NumPad to directly control throttle (using the 0-9, +, -, and . keys).
- New Bind: “F" - centers Feet to Torso.
- New Bind: “Shift” - toggles Arm Lock while held.
- Analog turn support for joysticks.

In-game Options

- The Video, Game, and Control settings are accessible via the in-game pause menu.

Catapult Variant Quirks

- The CPLT-A1, CPLT-C1, and CPLT-C4 have had their torso twist angle reduced from 140 to 120.
- The CPLT-A1, CPLT-C1, and CPLT-C4 have had their arm pitch angle reduced from 45 to 35.
- The CPLT-K2 has had its torso twist angle reduced from 140 to 110.

Raven Hitbox Adjustment
- The hitbox complexity of the Raven has been reduced.
- This will result in the Raven being hit much easier and brings it on par with it's light counterparts.

Bug Fixes

- When a user is killed with jump jets on, the jump jets will now turn off properly.
- SRMs will no longer set off the "INCOMING MISSILES" warning.
- Fixed an issue where firing SRMs at close range at an enemy BattleMech's leg does little to no damage.


- Added in the laser caps that were missing from the CPLT-K2's center torso.
- The machine guns on the CPLT-K2's side torsos will disappear when the user removes them.
- Autocannons and Gauss Rifles are now represented with the appropriate meshes on the CPLT-K2.

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