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Interview with Area51.BC2's Method Posted by prophet on 06/21/2010
We're Probably one of the more quiet teams Area 51 has in it's organization with regards to 
news and such, so in addition to starting to post semi-regular blogs on the team's status,
I thought I'd kneel down with Method and pick his brain to give everyone some insight as
to what the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 team has been up to :x


Please introduce yourself for those who have not had the misfortune of meeting you?

I've been gaming since 1998 in team based competitive games and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy leading teams and trying to do good in the competitive scene of whatever game we move onto. My team mostly plays games that we enjoy and not for the big prizes games. Since the console port days have started one is tough to find though.

Tell us about your gaming history – What did you start with and how did you find your way into BC2?

As I said I picked up my 1st online game back in the 56k days in 1998. Tribes got me hooked right away and I havent stopped since. It was the best game I've played to date, unfortunately it was a bit too complex for most gamers but it still had a good following for a few years. The 2 sequels were lack luster compared to it and eventually I moved my team into COD & WOW, The latter killed my team as the core group broke apart when a few of us could not stand playing WOW anymore.

So a few of us left WOW and stayed with COD and eventually joined up with the Area 51 crew. We played CTF in the COD series as long as it was available then Sabotage in COD4. We won the SAB S1 CAL but left after due to it not being as enjoyable as CTF. We did not play the more popular SnD game type in COD because we did not enjoy it at all. I played one season with the great |5150| tribes team in BF2 which we did pretty well in but the game did not keep anyones interest so we stopped. I've also played a bit of a few other games (Vietcong, ETQW, AoC, Warhammer MMO) but nothing to note. I gathered up the team again for MW2 which turned out to be worse than the typical console port and was like being served a bowl of pewp for dinner for us (although we had fun griefing pubs and to each their own since many enjoy it) and we quickly moved to BC2 and we're here for now....

The core group of Area51.BC2 players have been together a long time. What do you attribute to your
groups longevity?

The core group of this team have been playing alongside or against me for 5-12 years. Its a good group of friends tbh more than just online gaming buddies. A lot of us spend some nights just boozing and griefing servers for laughs and good times. Everyone gets along really well all things considered. I've had situations leading teams in the past where people would bicker and not get along which just does not work. So when we recruit new players into the team its pretty much a group decesion if that player sticks around. One person we were going to give a try out too came on vent and within 5 minutes it was pretty much decided he would not be around after that night. Most of the crew is mid 20's +, we dont try to recruit younger gamers who most likely just would not fit in, with the rare exception.

Could you give us a quick breakdown of the rest of your team's background?

Sure thing, there is pretty much 3 groups of players on this team. The 1st group is tribes players: Mr.Eso, HP, Mirage, Dutch, Chaingun and myself. The second group are COD players: Paradox, Dread, GoneMAD, Canuck and Integg. Then we picked up an ET player Prophet who brought in Nefilav and Chewy which were all great additions to the team. The best part about it which was told to me by Dutch who just came onto the team, is that there are no cliques on the team and everyone pubs togeather when they're on and get along great. Hopefully a good game comes out soon that inspires us and everyone enjoys to actually play 100%

How is everything going with BC2 right now? How is the competition scene and how are you enjoying
the game?

BC2 is not really our cup of tea. It's a console port (which is not anything different from all FPS these days) which we got into to get away from MW2, currently awaiting a patch that is about 3 months over due. The game over all is good but lacks content (5 maps WOW!!). The team is 50/50 weather they enjoy it or not. A bunch of guys are MIA since its an ok game but not many are having fun with it so our attendance suffers (as most teams are having similar problems).

The competition is great though due to the large BF community. Teams like Rival, Dynamic, Next Level, 20ID, MU and about 4-5 others that are just solid teams that have dominated the BF series throughout the years. Its pretty tough for us since its not our cup of tea or game type we've played but we're not doing that bad. A lot of frustration through the losses scrimming the top teams as often as we can gather 8 on to scrim. It stinks but to play well you need to take your licks from the good teams to learn the game. Though our hard work is paying off with wins. We're currently ranked 2nd on the TWL league (5-1) with 2 weeks left before playoffs. So hopefully our teamwork continues through the playoffs.

What is your most memorable gaming moment?

The best gaming moment was the 1st time I led a team to win the E-CHAMPIONSHIP (<-lol inside joke). The real good gaming moments are just having an untold amount of laughs with my friends, sober or not!

What are the BC2 team's future plans?

This team wont stay with BC2 from the majority's opinion that I've gathered unless this patch is magical. We're looking at 3 possibile games coming out soon. COD Black Ops which hopefully would have CTF, Brink which looks like it has a lot of potential and BF3 in the future.

Time for the quickies!

Favorite Game of all time?

Tribes 1 & 2

Favorite Map of all time?

Minotaur or Dangerous Crossing

Favorite Drink?

OktoberFest; it's more of a period which gives lots of options :)


To Canuck and GoneMAD come back soon noobs!
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1 2shoes Posted on: 06/21/2010 at 08:15 PM
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2 prophet Posted on: 06/21/2010 at 08:45 PM
He's even more boring on vent!
3 prophet Posted on: 06/21/2010 at 08:59 PM
4 2shoes Posted on: 06/23/2010 at 04:19 PM
Looks much better now! method is an awesome guy, me and him havent always got along. Now, we understand more about eachother and are both irish-raging smokers
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