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By Skitch on 04/10/2009 at 09:25 PM
Interview with Koja and Darkk of Area 51 CoD 4
Hello Area 51 COD 4 Team, please introduce yourselves for the readers...

Hello, we are the Area 51 CoD4 Division. Our roster is as follows:
Theo “darkk” Tijssen Brice “koja” Rader Jared “riskk” Mikkelsen Ryan “Pyro” McKay Shane “Nuz” Carter Greg “d3ftone” Moore Dean “shftr” Southworth

Let\'s give the readers an idea of the squads feelings on the progression of area 51 gaming, and how you feel about its future.
Darkk: Considering I\'ve been with Area51 over the past three years or so, I cannot even begin to describe the drastic improvement the management as well as teams have undergone. We\'ve picked up very experienced and skilled teams and it really compliments the management’s professionalism and dedication.
Koja: Our CoD team has grown a lot this season. Our chemistry and overall play seemed to be lacking for a few weeks and we ended up losing two matches in a row. We picked up pyro and a new back up, shftr, and we have been back on our game for most of the time. Pyro has been a HUGE addition to our team and is a great asset to Area 51 Gaming. I expect big things from this team.

Give us a little background of the Area 51 cod history.
Darkk: The 51.CoD team started with our success in Call of Duty: United Offensive, being crowned the champions of the inaugural season. After having many accomplishments in UO, we moved to Call of Duty 2 where we competed in CEVO-P and CAL-I. After a brief hiatus, we\'re back competing in CoD4 attempting to win our first season together in CEVO-O.

What would you consider as the “highlight” match in the recent COD 4 run with Area 51?
Darkk: Our biggest highlight would have to be our dominant victory over Team Binary who was favored to be one of the early contenders for the championship.
Koja: I would say our match vs. Binary. Although it was awhile ago I think it was our best match of the season. We played Binary on mp_crash and at the time they were considered one of the best teams in CEVO-O and it was also said to be their best map. We ended up winning 16-9 and was just an overall good match.

What is the team currently doing as far as league/events?
We\'re currently competing in the CEVO-O Playoffs and we\'re about to start TGL-Professional. We also plan on attending a LAN this summer if the opportunity presents itself.

What are the teams expectations for this season and for future seasons?
This season we expect to be in the finals of CEVO-O and anything less than that I think we\'ll be disappointed in ourselves. Next season, we expect to participate in CEVO-P.

How does the team prepare so well for matches with so many people battling real life schedules?
Darkk: We try to set up a practice schedule and do our best to abide by it. We keep in contact via text messaging so we know we\'ll be notified if someone won\'t be able to make it.
Koja: I think this is probably our biggest challenge when it comes to actually playing. Most of us work, attend college, and have social lives. We try to keep up a set schedule so we know when everyone is going to be on to be able to strat/practice. When we are on, we don\'t screw around, we just get down to business to prepare for our up-coming match.

How prepared is the team for LAN events and what events does the team have the most interest in attending?
Darkk: We\'re definitely prepared if a quality LAN comes along. As it stands, the game seems to be on the slippier slope towards its end and there are currently no worth-while events that have been announced. I anticipate on that changing with the fast approach of summer, however.
Koja: I think that we are almost prepared to attend LANs. We now have had the same starting 5 for awhile so I think that we only really need to strat together on one or two more maps and we\'ll be set for each map. As far as which LANs we would like to attend, I can\'t really say at the moment because no Summer LANs have been announced yet. I would say whatever big LANs that are announced we would be very interested in attending.

What is the most important factor in your teams ability to play so well as a unit? Comms, Experience, raw skill or all of the above?
Darkk: The biggest factor, I\'d have to say, is our communication. There\'s no such thing as a one-man team in CoD4. We need to have superb communication in order to overcome our opponents during crucial rounds and clutches.
Koja: What makes our team play so great as a whole unit is a combination of things. First off, most of us have a lot of experience and have played in tons of evenly sided matches. We also have a lot of raw-skill on this team (except myself of course = P) which helps push us over the edge. Our communication during matches has become very strong of late and I see it only getting better to help us become more of a powerhouse.

what are your opinions of the overall \"state\" of the cod community?
Darkk: As I said above, this game is most likely on its way out. It made it out alive when CoD5 was released but with CoD6 on the horizon the future of CoD4 looks relatively bleak. Hopefully another competitive season of CEVO will help boost the communities population as well as interest
Koja: When you talk about the CoD community you also have to think about the devs of the games. Activision has been known for just putting out a new game each year and that in my opinion has not allowed the CoD community to grow as much as the Counter Strike community because it seems after each new game is released the community just goes to that game. Our community may not be the most mature or strongest community but I think we\'ve accomplished a lot for what has been placed in front of us.

Do you ever struggle to get into game mode after a stressful day in \"real life\"? If so what methods tend to help most for focusing on the upcoming match?
Darkk: For the most part, no. When I open up my Call of Duty game, I completely zone in on the match and never think twice about what problems or priorities I have when I close out. Sometimes this is unavoidable however, like when there’s a huge exam the following day, for instance. In those rare cases, I usually do all of my work/studying prior to the match in order to play at my full potential.
Koja: I think everyone experiences this. Sometimes you just have a bad day and you don\'t feel like playing at all. When this happens I like to just listen to music and that helps me get pumped up a lot. Also just joking around with the guys before we start to practice takes a lot of the shoulders. We can usually tell when someone is having a rough day and we help lighten the mood.

Now that I have drained the life out of you all with serious questions, lets lighten it up a bit.....Who on the team has the largest ego?
Darkk: I would probably have to say myself or Riskk. Mostly because I demand a lot from my teammates and I\'m not afraid to let them know how I feel or what I would have done in their situations. Also, if anyone touches Riskk\'s scope they\'ll never hear the end of it.
Koja: This is a tough one. It could be either darkk or riskk. Although you can occasionally see darkk tell someone he has more experience on his pinky than the person he is flaming does period. However, I\'m going to have go with riskk. Jared will often say he doesn\'t need to be on to scrim or anything because he\'ll just come on and drop bombs so he has the biggest ego on the team.

How does the team handle kojas roid rages????? Give an example of what he may do during one.
Darkk: I renamed his roid rage channel to tampon tapestry (alliteration is underrated) for a reason. When he “roid rages” he mostly just acts like a chick on her period and all he wants to do is sit down with a bowl of chocolate and watch the notebook… hence the new channel name.

How much do you all love Vertigo, Og and Jagman?
Darkk: Less than my parents but more than Koja.
Koja: Well first off, Og and Jagman are great. Vertigo on the other hand, is a chode. That is all. : )

Any shoutouts?
Darkk: Shoutout to Soulja Boy for giving me dance lessons, shoutout to Billy Mays for teaching me what not to be when I grow up and shoutout to Koja for making me realize that sometimes mentally challenged kids can be a pleasure to play with.
Koja: I would like to make a shoutout to my whole team, keep up on picking up the slack for me, = P. Phear, I love you even though you\'re a faggot. Leethal, my one and only nigger. Fool, don\'t be jealous of my L4D skills. Brian, “where\'s Melkor!?!?”.

Many thanks to our guys on the cod4 squad, you guys rock and make us very proud :)
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By Skitch on 04/04/2009 at 12:00 AM
Introduction to Area 51 Crossfire team.
I took some time today to sit down for an interview with Ava and Shogg, the captains of the new Area 51 Gaming Crossfire squad. You can read the interview below.

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By Skitch on 04/02/2009 at 01:23 AM - A sit down with Jame^s from Area51
An Interview with James OConnor was conducted at, a new website providing the highest quality coverage in the competitive gaming scene.

Hi! My name is James OConnor, Im 28, and I have been a leader of a Top American team for about 7 years.

After the C3 challenge how was the moral of the team? Did you guys struggle to go on, or was it just another tournament for you? Well placing 2nd was unfortunate. We were pretty disappointed because PineKones power went out for a map and a half during the final bo3. There is no doubt in my mind we would have easily won if we hadnt had that problem. I wasnt sure if we were going to accept the complexity contract because coL was only going to send us to one lan. The exposure allowed us to meet up with Area 51; so finishing 2nd actually worked in our favor because we were free to accept other offers.

How did signing with A51 come about so quickly after C3? Had you been in talks with them before the event or was it a quick signing? I just got a really good feeling from Vertigo. He is an older gamer. Prior to the c3 tournament I had heavily searched for an organization that I felt would be a good fit. When I looked into an organization it had to have the ability to enable me to communicate easily with the community surrounding it.

Read the rest of the article at
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By Skitch on 03/02/2009 at 12:00 AM
Site registration back open
Site and forums are now ready for everyone to register and start posting!! We still have other project to take care of for the site which will be going on gradually and will not effedct the user database.
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By Skitch on 02/24/2009 at 12:00 AM
Site under repairs!!
Please be patient with the site while its being repaired. Features will be updated as we go, should be fully back in gear in a few days.
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