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By Skitch on 03/18/2007 at 10:56 PM
Cod2 HQ 3v3 Tournament News
Round 1 Extention untill 3/25/07
Lets get those round one matches played.
If your having a problem contacting a team your matched up with all the info you need can be found View Here

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By Skitch on 03/13/2007 at 10:53 PM
Everyone on all our teams should say a very nice thank you to Xegaming. They have picked us to sponsor and we should all be glad they did.
We have a custom logo being made for our site sponsor links. Please send anyone you know who needs a server to and please mention us. Thank you.
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By Skitch on 03/07/2007 at 11:29 PM
Cod2 HQ 3v3 Tournament
Round one will be Burgundy & the bracket is up. It can be Viewed Here
Please also view the forum post that has the team match up listings and the
information for egln shout casting. View Here
You can get the pam you need Here
All the rules and match info can be found Here
Please post Round 1 Results HERE thank you
All teams will have untill sunday 3/18/07 to finish round one.
Thank you to everyone who signed up.Good luck, have fun & please support #51
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By Skitch on 02/23/2007 at 02:38 PM
Area 51 Gaming Call of Duty 2 News
Area51 is now midway through the first CAL-Invite season and currently holds the 3rd spot in the standings with an impressive record of 6-2. During the past week and a half, Area51 has been very busy playing 2 CTF matches, 2 CAL-I Matches and 2 CEVO matches. I am glad to report that during this span Area51 went 6-0, winning them all.

With the next map being Dawnville in CAL-I as well as CEVO, Area51 felt confident entering into the week. Area51 first challenger was 50Calibre Gaming. 50Cal has always been at the top level of play, playing in both CAL-Invite and CEVO-Professional. From the start of the match, Area51 had it in the bag, going into halftime with an 8-2 lead. In the 2nd half, Area51 won 9 out of 10 rounds and took the win in a 17-3 blow out. Area51 next match up was against iLLicit. Area51 previously met iLLicit on mp_breakout and took the match 11-9 so they knew it wasn’t going to be easy. With the start of the match, Area51 had some trouble with the strats and there was tension amongst the team, built up from previous scrims. Area51 took the hard side with a small lead of 6-4, they knew they had to step it up. Area51 had clutch playing and enough smarts to take the match with a close win of 11-9.

In CEVO, Area51 first opponent was Six Sigma. Area51 underestimated their talent and dedication and it showed. Six Sigma completely out played Area51 during regulation but Area51 slid by with a 12-12 tie. During the first overtime, Six Sigma was down 2-1 but tied it up at the end of overtime, tying the match once again at 3-3 and leading the match into a 2nd overtime. Kurupt lagged out and Area51 called upon Approx01 to finish out the match. Area51 knew they had to win it here, and stepped up winning the 2nd overtime 4-1 and taking the match! Their next opponent was none other than Pure Mayhem. This team consists of Invite players from cod1 as well as cod2 and are a known force in the game. This match was shoutcasted by EGLN and Area51 did not want to be embarrassed on a live streaming video feed.Area51 lost the first round and knew that PM had come prepared. Area51 pulled it together and with an insane clutch by cross, had the momentum to win the match 14-10. Area51 now stands undefeated in CEVO with a record of 3-0.

Area51 first took the battlefield against Vandalism in CTF, a known competitor. Vandalism entered with confidence and great strats. Halfway through the match, they lead 4-2 and seemed to have the momentum riding into the 2nd half. Area51 pulled themselves together and with a little luck, took the match with a final score of 6-5. The 2nd CTF match was against undefeated and 1st ranked Paroxysm, which was Darkk’s old team. Area51 did not scrim this game type once, so they knew they would have to adjust to Paroxysm’s style of play during the match. As usual, Area51 chose the difficult side first and trailed at half 6-4. Area51 completely took over in the 2nd half, out capping Paroxysm 8-1 and winning the match 12-7. Area51 plans to keep their winning ways and has big plans for the future.

-Article Written by Darkk.
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By Skitch on 02/12/2007 at 02:19 PM
Area 51 Gaming Call of Duty 2 News
Area51 has gone through some changes over the last couple weeks. With the departure of lestat from competitive gaming, Area51 was in need of a 5th. With a very weak recruiting field, Area51 found a star in Kurupt. Kurupt has an abundance of experience including CAL-Invite match experience. With very little time to prepare for the first match of week 3, Area51 had some bad news. One of their starters, Darkk, had fallen ill with pneumonia. Hero filled in nicely, and despite crow’s 26 frags, Area51 fell short of the victory, losing in overtime to Enervate Gaming 11-14. Area51 fell to a record of 3-2 in CAL-Invite.

The next match of week 3 was against the dominant Canadian team of Electronic Gaming Evolution (eGe for short). eGe has always been a force in CoD2, being ranked as a top team since the game was released in late 2005. Area51 knew they had to BRING IT. With solid strats, and plentiful scrim time Area51 felt confident entering into the match. Area51 took the heavily favored Russian side first, and took 8 of the first 10 rounds. Area51 was not safe yet, they now had to defend on a favored offensive map. eGe gave Area51 a scare, but in the end Area51 came out victorious with an 11-9 win. Kurupt came through with a frag/death ratio of 21-13. This marked the end of week 3 and Area51 improved their record to 4-2 in CAL-Invite.

The next map on the list is Dawnville, with Area51 taking on 50Calibre and iLLicit for week 4. Good Luck! Have Fun!
More Info HERE
Article written by Darkk.
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