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By Skitch on 02/03/2007 at 11:44 AM
Area51 Gaming Call of Duty 2 News
With the inaugural CAL-Invite Season just underway, Area51 has entered with high hopes. Since the last CAL season, Area51 has competed in the famous SOTF tournament and finished 3rd out of the top 32 teams in the game, winning $480. They were also invited to compete in the Last Team Standing tournament along with Check-Six, Enervate and United 5. Area51 is currently ranked 8th in North America on the Amped News website. With a revamped roster, it is time to see what Area51.CoD2 is made of.

The first invite match of the season was a disappointment with a hard loss to Check-Six 13-7. Area51 knew they had to step their game up. Their next match was against Team Pandemic, who had just come off an amazing run at the January CyberHub LAN, winning it all. While pandemic looked to keep their winning ways going, Area51 looked to start theirs. With solid strats, set nades and lots of scrim time, Area51 entered the match with great confidence. After losing the first round, 51 knew this match was going to be tough. But timely clutches from Cross and Darkk helped seal the deal with a 12-8 win over Pandemic. Their next match was against the greatly underrated Internal Revolution. With little strats or scrim time, Area51 quickly whipped up some CoD2 magic and took the match 12-8. Area51 stands at 2-1 in CAL-Invite, with their next match against iLLicit. Area51 also sits 1-0 in the CEVO standings. Area51 plans on keeping their winning ways and will keep you informed.
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By Skitch on 02/01/2007 at 09:12 PM
Area51 Gaming vs Shift-Six
We would like to congratulate the Counter-Strike Source team on their victory over shift-six. The team had de_cpl_mill under control with a score of 22-8. Congrats, to the team’s first season win on Area 51.
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By Skitch on 02/01/2007 at 07:49 PM
Area51 Gaming Update
Area51 has recently made roster changes to Call of Duty 2 and Gears of War. The Call of Duty 2 team has made these changes for the upcoming CAL and CEVO season. The team consists of Crow, Cross, Riskk, Darkk, Lestat, Hero, Gonemad and Approx. The Gears of War team have made changes in their roster and seem to be ready to compete. In addition, we are pleased to announce a newly Counter-Strike Source team. Our new Counter-Strike Source team is competing in CAL Intermediate. I would like to wish the best of luck to these new teams and to have a great season.
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By Skitch on 01/14/2007 at 11:40 PM
Welcome 51 Dynasty
Welcome 51 Dynasty to area51 gaming.
Looking forward to many years of fun competitve gaming in the WOW community.
Hope you guys have tons of success, fun and good times.
If you wish to join 51 Dynasty for some fun WOW times.
You can find all of there info in our forums.

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By Skitch on 12/11/2006 at 04:05 AM
Area 51 Victorious Again in SOTF 8
Area51.Cod2 once again proves their with in an exciting match again rSports on mp_powcamp. Area51 went into the match predicted to lose to the stacked rSports roster of sk1nz, rob-wiz, Rez, and prank, as well as the outstanding shot-gunner, Havax. Most peers of the Cod2 community predicted rSports to walk away with the victory in this distance-dominated map.

Area51 got off to a rocky start on russain, but managed to tie the game up to send the match into overtime. The regulation period showed that both Area51 and Rsports were capable of many different strategic approaches to win rounds. Area51 is considered by most a very dynamic team that is capable of adjusting to adverse conditions, which is exactly what they did. The first overtime period was dominated by Area51 who won the first three rounds in a row. rSports quickly shot back with three rounds of their own, mainly due to mistakes on Area51s part. With the rounds being tied again, the match headed into double overtime. Again, Area51 took the first three rounds by storm. Not to repeat their mistakes of the previous overtime period, Area51 took the field with a higher degree of seriousness. The very next round on german was won to confirm the victory. The final score was left at 19 to 15 in favor of Area51.

Great job to everyone on the team for giving us this victory and to Flak for doing such a supurb job leading the team.

Good game to rSports, by far the best team Area51 has played so far. We hope to meet you again in another intense and fun match.

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