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By Skitch on 11/22/2006 at 12:01 AM
Kenneth R. Ohare Jr. aka Ken{ServerXtreme}

April 13, 1973 - November 12, 2006

     It hurts to even have to type this, but thoughts of the fun times we had online will get me through this letter. I will first explain the man i knew and respected as an all out great person. To me ken was like a brother that i never met, so much alike in our real lives that it was scary. I met ken in 2002 when i approached him about being a server sponsor for Area 51 gaming, a day i will never forget. We spoke for hours that night about so many things, we instantly had a friendship bond and it never changed. Ken became Area 51s sponsor when server sponsoring for teams wasnt handed out to even some of the best teams, ken wanted to help us become something great. In terms of the effect he had on our team, he gave us the tools to become something special...without kens faith we wouldnt have had the ability to progress as we did. Our team knows ken as our sponsor for 4+ years, not all really knew exactly what he meant for them and there team, they will now. To only tell how much he gave to area 51 would be to sell his legacy in our world well short of the complete story. I can sit here and tell you how many times ken sponsored servers for people to enjoy but fact is it would take all night. Most people never knew the support he provided gamers, ken never cared for the glory of it all, he gave cause he liked to help gamers enjoy themselves. Some may remember kens irc exploits....few beers, booting a random user in 51 irc chan or just talking about anything and everything. Some may remember ken as the guy who sponsored 51 for 4+ years. I promise this, ken will be remembered by so many as just the guy you could relate to, the buddy we all know in real life. To all who knew ken in gamings crazy realm, we lost a great man and a huge supporter to online gaming communities. To me, I lost a friend, a brother and someone i have tremendous respect for. I ask That we all understand the role he played in our communities, many didnt know till now how much he did for them. Lets all hope we can be as giving, friendly and personable as he was.

      Ken passed away in his home when a fire began in his sleep, his wife misty and son kenneth escaped through a window and are physically ok. Goodbye my friend, my brother, we will meet again and share a beer and a laugh someday when i move on to the next level!!! Thank you for the impact you made as my friend and for being real in a world full of fakes.

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By Skitch on 11/18/2006 at 07:08 PM
Area51Gaming Europe is Back
Hi all!

Area51Gaming European Teams are back in action!

Currently with a UT99 team, and soon to be a UT2007 team.

I wll keep you all informed on the european happenings.


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By Skitch on 11/16/2006 at 02:23 AM
Gears of War
We are starting a Gears of War team.

We are looking for a few very skilled players who like to compete at very high levels. We scim and play a lot of matches if you are not looking to dominate in the gears of war community the please do not ask to join us.

If you do have the skills and want to join us please post in our Gears of War thread on our fourms. Thank you.

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By Skitch on 09/14/2006 at 12:05 AM
New Cod2 is here and Owning.
The new cod2 team is here!

As newcomers to the Area 51 organization, the Call of Duty 2 team and I will try our best to make anyone in the organization feel comfortable coming to us with problems or talking just as friends. I’ve been told by OG and Crow about the long and storied history of the 51 organization, which only makes me more excited to try and add to the legacy. We will try our best to uphold outstanding morals both in-game and out of game to represent the 51 organization as it should be represented. If I or any other player can help in the organization internally, all it will take is a quick private message on to {51}amotioN or a quick email to [email protected] Our roster for CAL-main Season 3, CEVO-Amateur Season 2, and CEVO-Professional Season 3 is as follows

Colin--Xenoc1de, Darko--Crow-X-, Drew--Pin, JJ--soZe, Dustin--chaotiK, Chad--Approx01, Jay--maguire.

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By Skitch on 06/12/2006 at 12:00 AM
Call of Duty 2 S&D
The Area 51 team is now (7-3) on CAL-M!

The S&D Squad won its 7th match Tonight on mp_harbor. This was an entertaining match with a halftime score of 5-5 and then 51 pulling out with a win in the end and a final score of 12-8.

GG Sinister gl rest of the season. GJ boys keep it up!

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