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By Skitch on 05/14/2006 at 02:26 AM
CAL 4v4 TAM UT2K4, Area 51 beat EiF 10-5 on Grendelkeep(seikei highest scorere for 51 with 47), 10-7 on rankin(vicerant highest scorer with 52) Area 51 goes is now (1-0) good job guys!
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By Skitch on 05/08/2006 at 01:50 AM
CoD2 CAL-M Week 1:2
Area 51 played Visions of Warfare on Sunday night and came out victorious. We were able to have a strong german and from then on we did not stop. good job guys!

Area 51 moves up to (2-0) on cal-m!
More info HERE

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By Skitch on 04/14/2006 at 03:54 PM
CAL:UO Road to Championship Video Update
I finally managed to upload a copy of the high quality version of this video and it is now available to download in our media section. The file is around 520mb and has far superior quality than the previous version that was posted on google video. Enjoy Download Here
For those unfamiliar with this video, here is a description:

IMO the most original gaming video around. It shows all 4 playoff matches from cal cod:uo season 1 from all 6 players points of view.

Matches were against:
Tactical Massacre
Zen Gamerz
Third Illusion

Our lineup was:

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By Skitch on 04/11/2006 at 05:42 PM
Call of Duty 2 1.2 patch released!
2 new maps and punkbuster added. Only took them 6 months to do that. Download it HERE
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By Skitch on 04/06/2006 at 06:53 PM
Quake 4 Delta CTF - Coming Soon
A new mod is in the works for Quake 4, one many old-school CTF players will enjoy, and that is Delta CTF. Delta CTF hopes to bring back the magic that QWCTF, and especially Q2CTF brought, where CTF reached its peak in Quakes long legacy. Delta CTF hopes to implement those features in which CTF fans desire to see once again in Capture the Flag. Features include the grappling-hook and original techs(Amplifier, Disruptor, Accel, Auto-doc), which was the core of Q2CTF gameplay but was removed by Zoid and id for Quake 3. Other features include Red vs Blue teams, increased player acceleration, a three tiered armor system, the addition of the powershield powerup, the ability to drop weapons, ammo, flag, an upward counting clock, and many, many other useful features.

More information about the mods capabilities and info can be accessed on the official website at Forums have been created, and the official IRC channel has been put up at #deltaCTF on
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