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By Skitch on 08/22/2005 at 12:00 AM
COD S&D 2vs2 Tournament News
Round three must be played ASAP.. We have no teams in round two..Thank you for trying to play these matches as soon as you can..This tournament can only move as fast as we can get teams to play.

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By Skitch on 08/16/2005 at 12:00 AM
COD S&D 2vs2 Tournament.
Tournament is rolling along good.We have only one team stuck in round one. We have a few teams from round two that still need to play and some that have moved on and are ready to play in round 3.

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By Skitch on 08/02/2005 at 11:32 PM
COD S&D 2vs2 Tournament
Round one admin check in will start in #51 and other networks on Sunday August 7 from 2:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST If you have not checked in by then you will be removed from the tournament list of teams.
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By Skitch on 08/02/2005 at 07:56 AM
Recruiting UT99.Euro
Area51Gaming.Europe is recruiting skilled, active UT99 players for many mods including:NW.TDM, i.TDM, NW.CTF, i.CTF. Please send a message to {51}burnZ #51, Thank you.
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By Skitch on 08/01/2005 at 09:46 PM
New European IRC Channel
Area51Gaming Europe has changed IRC channel from #area51gaming to #51 Please update your auto-joins / perform info so it adds you to the new IRC channel. Thank you!!
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