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By Skitch on 07/25/2005 at 12:00 AM
Area51 Gaming COD Tournament
Area51 Gaming is hosting our First Tournament CoD 2vs2 S&D single elimination tournament. First place is 250 dollars Second place is 100 dollars Third place is 50 dollars All prizes are paid in US. dollars through Paypal. The more teams we get the better the prize money will be.
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By Skitch on 07/23/2005 at 01:38 AM
Looking for l33t jet pilots
We are looking for dominant jet pilots for bf2.We play in four leagues and scrim a lot so we need pilots that play 3 or more nights a week.You must be over 16.We have no clan dues or server dues.If you would like to show us your skills please contact 51yayo or 51gonemad they are on xfire,etg,gs or you can post in our forums in the bf2 thread.
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By Skitch on 07/20/2005 at 12:00 AM
New Site is here !!
As you can see our new site is up.We will spend more then a few hours tonight to update all the info and try to bring the site up to speed.Thank you to img for all the hard work there people did on the site.Its a great site but its even better that we can build on what we have now to make the site off the hook !!
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By Vertigo on 01/01/2000 at 01:30 AM
Happy New Year!!!!
Happy new year all!!! Its been a great year for the crew here at area 51 and we hope its been as great for all. Cheers to all for 2010 and beyond!

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