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ESEA-Main Season 16 Playoffs
  • 02/14/16
  • 02/11/16
    Got em Gaming
  • 02/11/16
    Recorded Reported
  • 02/10/16
    Rapid Fire Gaming Clarity
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User Profile
Princess - Stephanie

About Me

I have always been a computer savvy person. The first shooters I played were the original Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. I went to the RPG's for awhile on PSone but kept gaming. I came back to the shooters when Halo 2 came out my ex-boyfriend showed me it. I was enthralled with the community and team work involved and how the internet had changed the gaming scene as it had been that long since I played a shooter. I then moved to Unreal Tournament which I found to be a little fast paced for me. I played Battlefield2 for awhile and loved being a medic but found the team play to be lacking at least in pubs as there were soo many people on a team.

I was then introduced to Counter-Strike which I instantly loved and started playing obsessively. I played for awhile then became a LAN assistant for EFGaming one of the most notarized Counter-Strike Source teams before they moved on to become OPTX from Championship Gaming Series appearing on Direct TV. At which point I dropped off the face of the earth until Jan 2014 and now we'll see.

Known For

2006 -MEDIA

Mentioned in April Computer Gaming Monthly feature article
Mentioned in a variety of gaming blogs i.e. Kotaku and Typepad
Guest hosted on Radio ITG (In The Game)
Guest hosted and interviewed Source Radio


Assistant EFGaming (EFG) CSS

1st Ryu Lan - Chantilly, VA
1st Gigabits - Orlando, FL
1st TXGF - Austin, TX
9-12th Everlan - Denver, CO


Manager Area 51 (A51) CS:GO

2nd Lan ETS - Montreal, QC
4th Fragadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
2nd Gaming Grids Alpha Semi Invitational - Online
2nd Gaming Grids Beta Semi Invitational - Online
4th SoCAL Revival #2 Rancho Cucamonga, CA