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Playoffs- Mythic

ESEA-Main Season 16 Playoffs
  • 02/14/16
  • 02/11/16
    Got em Gaming
  • 02/11/16
    Recorded Reported
  • 02/10/16
    Rapid Fire Gaming Clarity
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User Profile
Rho Aias, Roh Aias, TQ - Marc Godfrey
My name is Marc and I have been gaming as long as I can remember. My first system was a commodore 64 and I moved up over the years. Now I currently play League of Legends, CS:GO, Tera, Unreal Tournament, and a few others on steam. I always looking for people to play with and ways to improve on my own gameplay. If you have any questions or just want to play a game, feel free to find me online.

Before coming here, I was a part of Olympus Gamerz and was in charge of the OLS League (Olympus League Series). It was our own LCS style league. After Riot removed their contribution to prizes, the community slowly dropped off to what is now just a loyal group of friends who still play together. 

Steam: Rho Aias
League of Legends: Roh Aias
Epic Games: Roh Aias
Blizzard: Dziik#1143

**I will update my handled names if they change on my profile.