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Beeps heard after the flatline Posted by FlatLine on 07/21/2012
So I moved to Dallas and took a month from playing to get settled down and get things straighten out but now I'm back and trying to get back in shape.  When I played my first game, my fingers were shaking throughout the game as the competitive side of me resurrected.  Unfortunately I lost my first 5 games really quickly due to cannon rushes, proxy gates, and a 6 pool on 4 player map :(.  From there I hit rock bottom contemplating if it's even worth trying to get back in shape.  I took the rest of the day off and just reflect.  The next day came and I felt like I was given a rare candy as I demolish my opponents left and right.  My mechanics were close to what they were prior from my inactivity but my stamina significantly dropped as I tend to tire out after 2 games.  So during my mini breaks I would watch streams or catch up on tournament vods that I missed to see if there's anything to gain from them and pretty much waste up time.  One of the days, I ran into one of my friend's stream and he was talking about his team's practice regiment and how strict it was, how tiring you get, how uncomfortable it was.  This and that but then it hit me; that's exactly what I need to get back in this game.  I need a strict, tiring, uncomfortable training regiment; I need to break away from this 2 game break and go hardcore on the ladder.  Now what's left that I need to cover is probably the biggest part that every player needs...MOTIVATION.

So to keep me motivated, I'll be streaming long hours of playing 5 days a week (undecided right now) and trying to interact with my viewers.  Right now I'm just tweaking things out to attract viewers and figure out what else I can do to not only attract a bigger audience but what will also make my stream different from other streams.  If you have any ideas, please share them.


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1 ScrubbleS Posted on: 07/21/2012 at 03:41
can i bone u
2 striszLe Posted on: 07/21/2012 at 01:21
oh yeahhh???? rare candy? maybe you need to watch more kpop videos and some dirdy birdy to get your juices pumping. just saying..
3 NaEjeOn Posted on: 07/25/2012 at 03:13
Was that really a rare candy? or a rare map hack straight to ur hard drive. NICE KID!! ;]
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